Wellington Airport (WLG)
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(Wellington, North Island, New Zealand NZ)

One of New Zealand's largest and busiest airports, after only Auckland and Christchurch, Wellington Airport (WLG) is served by many domestic and international airlines. Air Zealand has a notable presence here, along with Jetstar Airways, Qantas and Virgin Australia.

Wellington's busy air facility resides on the Rongotai isthmus, between the city itself and the Miramar Peninsula. It comes with a single runway capable of handling Airbus planes and giant Boeing jets. The city's harbourfront lies directly to the north, while the Cook Strait is to be found to the south.

There is just one main terminal based here, which is split into three piers, named North-West, South and South-West. The ground floor is home to the luggage reclaim area, while the first level is where you will find the main check-in area.

Terminal Information

Wellington's airport contains one large terminal, with modern facilities, open daily between 04:00 and 01:30. The terminal serves a number of major national airlines, such as Air New Zealand and Australia's Qantas Airways, all offering a variety of different flights and budget options.
  • North-West Pier: departure area for international flights, gates 21 to 28
  • South Pier: departure area for Air New Zealand flights, gates 4 to 9
  • South-West Pier: departure area for Air New Zealand flights and link flights to nearby locations, such as Blenhiem and Nelson, gates 10 to 17
  • Main terminal area: gates 18 to 20

The following airlines list shows the principal airlines that operate throughout the terminal buildings of Wellington Airport (WLG).

Gate 20

  • Golden Bay Air

International Pier

  • Air New Zealand
  • Qantas (Jetconnect)
  • Virgin Australia

North West Pier

  • Jetstar Airways

South Pier

  • Air Chathams
  • air2there
  • Sounds Air

South West Pier

  • Air New Zealand

South / South-West Pier

  • Air New Zealand Link (Air Nelson)
  • Air New Zealand Link (Eagle Airways)
  • Air New Zealand Link (Mount Cook Airline)

Wellington Airport WLG

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